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Seattle Schools are Taking Advantage of VaproShield Products for Health, Longevity, and Energy Conservation

northwest partners llc vaproshield Aug 23, 2023

The Seattle School District has chosen VaproShield as the basis of design for their upcoming school replacement projects. Seattle schools have been specifying VaproShield products for many years but have recently stepped up to make them a standard.

Why VaproShield products?

Why VaproShield products? The benefits include an airtight building envelope, vapor permeability for mitigating rust and mold, bulk water holdout, reduced noise infiltration, zero VOCs to minimize toxic off-gassing, low-cost liquid membrane sill pans, and six months of UV exposure to dry the in the building and accelerate construction schedules.

WrapShield SA is a vapor permeable self-adhering membrane that prevents water vapor from condensing on cold surfaces and moisture from penetrating the building walls. Vapor and bulk water can be sucked into mechanically ventilated buildings through gaps in the wall. This can lead to structural degradation and the growth of mold on paper faced gypsum board. WrapShield SA allows for 6 months of rapid drying and eliminates weather driven delays of the interior work schedule.

WrapShield SA - a zero VOC product

VaproShield has partnered with Declare to disclose the ingredients of WrapShield SA and designate it as a zero VOC (volatile organic compound) product. WrapShield SA does not require the use of toxic primers to adhere to gypsum sheathing, steel, wood and concrete. The elimination of volatile chemicals is paramount where children spend a significant amount of time.

Together, WrapFlash SA and VaproLiquiflash provide an air and watertight seal at the exterior of the window opening. VaproLiquiflash provides a monolithic watertight barrier around the window for bulk water holdout. Vaprobond and Vaprotape can be used in combination or interchangeably to seal the window flange into the drainage plane of the wall.

WrapShield SA helps to reduce noise intrusion into school buildings. By eliminating the potential for air movement, it also reduces sound carried by air. Proper sealing in conjunction with VaproAirseal at the interior of the window will make a significant improvement in the STC value of the wall assembly and help children both concentrate better and focus on schoolwork.

Northwest Partners is your best resource for air and moisture barriers for all public works and school projects. We will help you to significantly reduce energy costs and increase the lifespan of your projects.