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We strongly believe - North West Partners LLC


that we can help to reduce energy consumption in the North West, while reducing cost and increasing income. This is the reason why Northwest Partners exists, and why we strive to optimize our products and services for the building construction industry.

Since 1998, we have focused on high quality products that are reliable, durable and conserve energy. We provide eco-friendly products for projects throughout the NW helping to keep them financially viable and prepared for the future.

Having built and renovated many multi family projects ourselves, we understand the financial considerations that are the driving factors in the decision making processes. We help you to reduce or eliminate the cost impacts from increasing environmental regulations.


that it is difficult for building professionals to stay abreast of the many technological advancements in the industry. We understand what our clients are looking for and how we can help to meet their challenges.

Northwest Partners LLC
Northwest Partners LLC - VaproShield
Evolution Windows
Evolution Windows - Apartment Building

Water & air resistive barriers

EV loading solutions

European windows


By tightening the building envelope with air barrier membranes and improving the insulative value of windows, we can increase the capacity for EV charging for new and existing buildings.

Peter Vierthaler - President - Northwest Partners LLC

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I am originally from Seattle and started my academic career at the Washington State University. My degrees are in Construction Management and Business Administration. I have been focused on the renovation of existing apartments buildings with a few ground up projects.

In addition to real estate development, I have been representing quality construction products for buildings throughout the Northwest. My strength lies in taking highly developed and complex products and making their advantages understandable for the end user.

Having been into real estate for over 30 years, helps me to custom tailor solutions for architects, developers, contractors and consultants, to reduce the cost of construction, increase income and the longevity of buildings.

I have always been a proponent for timeless architecture and enduring buildings. My work is to anticipate the future needs of the building industry to help create amazing living spaces while maximizing building value.

Today more than ever we need our buildings to provide healthy environments for people to thrive and we need to reduce the energy that they consume. Amazing, proven technologies already exist to help us reduce energy consumption resident turnover. Daily, we work to bring together building professionals to provide a better project, while reducing construction costs, increasing income and adding to building value. A win for both building owners and their residents.

Let us help you to understand the possibilities that make new stringent code requirements easier to navigate!



At the heart of any successful endeavor lies the importance of working with experienced individuals. Experience is an invaluable asset that brings depth, wisdom, and a wealth of knowledge to the table. When such a team comes together, a powerful synergy is created, enabling us to provide the best services to our clients and customers.

Working with us, means having individuals who have faced similar challenges and possess the acumen to devise effective strategies. The depth of practical knowledge allows us to approach each situation of our clients with confidence and resolve, finding the best path forward.


Vice President

I am a Seattle native and University of WA graduate.  My career in construction has been largely focused on mixed-use multi-family projects including apartments, townhomes, condominiums, hotels, senior housing, assisted living with structures ranging from low-rise, mid-rise to high-rise and light commercial buildings. In addition to working for general contractors, I have worked on the development side, which helped me understand the owner's perspective and needs.  For 19 years I was with Compass Construction mostly as chief estimator and as one of the owners.

Pete Anderson - Vice President - Northwest Partners LLC

During that time, I had the experience of working with many different owners, developers, architects, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers, which taught me a lot about the construction business.

My strengths include working collaboratively with others, understanding many facets of the construction and development business and helping others by using creative ideas to build high quality building projects. It is enjoyable to work with emerging technology, its challenges and new product developments, that maximize value and help create attractive and highly efficient buildings.  

Some of


Below you will find a small sample of the projects that we have worked on.

Evolution Windows
Evolution Windows
Evolution Windows
Evolution Windows
Northwest Partners LLC - Vaproshield
Northwest Partners LLC - VaproShield
Evolution Windows
Evolution Windows Wood
Leading Charge - Load management system

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Thank you for being part of our journey.

"Working with NWP has been a great experience. They were there every step of the way and could anticipate our specific needs."

- Mark Constantine

"The combination of the Wrapshield membrane and Evolution Window, gave us the confidence that our envelope would stand the test of time.

- Jim Buchanan

"The load managed EV charging system, provided by Leading Charge, was affordable and provided an additional income stream we never expected."

- Mathew Murray

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