No Leaks. No Rust.


No Worries.


"No other HVAC venting company knows more about the relationship between the building envelope and HVAC systems"

Weather and dent resistant durability

Large color selection that won’t fade

Made in Canada and widely available

Wide variety of styles and sizes

Whisper quiet operation

Lightweight and no sharp edges

Living in a temperate rainforest on Canada’s wet west coast, we see a lot of rain! We know how difficult and important it is to maintain the integrity of a building envelope under constant attack from moisture. Our range of engineered, rainscreen-approved plastic products stand up to almost anything Mother Nature can throw at them.

In fact, after a leaky condo catastrophe in the late 90s, PrimexVents worked with local west coast building science engineers and HVAC contractors to develop the patented, rainscreen compatible HVAC ventilation hood. This unique series of wall caps accommodates the air gap between the building and cladding, as required by code. The design also allows the hood to be removed for duct maintenance and cleaning, without breaking the seal of the building envelope!


Our simple, durable, and watertight HVAC solutions help keep buildings safe from leaks and water damage while ensuring proper, steady airflow.


RV28 Universal Adapter

Easy snap-in adapter for use with RV28, RVL28, WC28 and SV28.


SM Series - Surface Mount Wall Vents

The Primex Surface Mount Wall Vent (SM Series) is the perfect replacement for existing bathroom or range hood exhaust terminations. The SM Series is easy to install and aesthetically pleasing. The seamless, low-profile, one-piece design accommodates standard 4-6 inch ducting. UV-stabilized polymer resin offers long-lasting protection while reducing leaks.


WC Series - Wall Cap Intake and Exhaust Vents

The Primex Wall Cap Series (WC) is ideal for exhaust and intake applications. This includes the through-wall exhaust of dryers*, bathroom kitchen fans and stove vents, and the intake for furnaces and fresh air make-up. This rainscreen-compatible series comes in sizes ranging from 3-8 inches and in multiple colours.