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5 Reasons - Why Triple Pane Windows Slash Construction Costs

evolution windows northwest partners llc Mar 01, 2024
Triple Pane Windows - Evolution Windows

In the current climate of high interest rates and escalating construction expenses, ensuring projects are financially feasible is increasingly challenging. The scope for cost-saving through value engineering is diminishing as new, more expensive building codes are introduced.

Triple-pane windows stand out as a crucial equalizer, offering more than just compliance—they provide a strategic edge. With proposed regulatory updates in Washington, particularly in Seattle, triple pane windows have become a key component in adhering to code requirements.

Seattle's impending regulations will demand that 20% of a building's windows have a U-Value of 0.20, effectively making triple pane windows a requisite for a significant portion of any new project.


  1. BEPS – Building Energy Performance Standards are already here. Triple pane helps you meet them.
  2. Triple pane windows do the heavy lifting in building envelope energy calculations.
  3. Advantages that will be attractive to an end-customer AND project owner.
  4. Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing teams and Energy Consultants can maximize the energy saving potential of using triple pane windows.
  5. European window manufacturing keeps triple pane costs down as compared to others.


1. BEPS are already at play in Seattle

Existing buildings must reduce energy usage considerably over the coming years. The state of Washington is well on its way to adopting BEPS for the remainder of the state. Future-proof your building with triple pane windows. Easily swap out R-4 glass for R-7 glass from the inside of the building; no scaffolding required! Older buildings can benefit from retrofit installations by leaps and bounds – save valuable energy performance points with creative retrofit options.


2. Triple pane windows are the work horse of building envelope energy calculations

Each incremental improvement in U-Value can save tens of thousands of dollars by reducing many building components, such as:

  • insulation thickness
  • exterior wall framing depth
  • solar panel count
  • heat pump size
  • wall heater wattage
  • electrical panel size
  • building transformer size

Higher performing windows can reduce or even eliminate future costs related to retroactive building energy performance standards (BEPS).


3. Triple pane offer advantages for residents and owners/developers alike

Some of these include quieter units, stronger window frames, thicker glass, and less cold radiation – all coming together to create a higher quality living space and enticing sales points. C406 Washington State Energy Code credits are also available in many cases. The benefits are extensive and require a team approach to take full advantage of. 


4. Engage your MEP team and energy consultant early in the design process

Our customers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in construction costs over and above the incremental cost of triple pane versus double pane. Savings are evident in reduced insulation needs, lower energy supply requirements, and lesser energy-generating add-ons overall (e.g. reduced solar array size due to efficiency of window component).

A few of questions to ask your teams are:

  • Can I downsize or eliminate heat pumps for apartment/condo units by switching to triple pane windows?
  • Can I reduce the size of the wall framing members by reducing the insulation thickness?
  • Can I eliminate a portion of my solar panels by offsetting the energy generation with energy conservation?

Download our free comprehensive list of questions, to save money!


5. Introduction of European window manufacturers to the PNW keeps costs low

Worried about exorbitant triple-pane manufacturing costs? – Don’t be! Triple pane pricing has come down significantly in recent years as European windows have entered the market. Made better, within a reasonable lead time, and with more options, you can’t go wrong with these windows. The northwest now has over 100 apartment projects, each over 50 units, with tilt and turn windows in place, of which, roughly 20% are triple pane. These window options offer exponential added value to multi-family projects, with nearly unlimited customization add-ons (e.g. mix & match foil color options, varying Low-E coatings with brighter VLT, etc.). With higher performance ratings, and now-competitive pricing, using triple pane windows is a no-brainer.


So if you want to slash construction costs while offering a healthier, higher-performing window with triple pane, and need help to

  • navigate the intricacies of the code
  • offer value engineering ideas specific to your project
  • give your budget a competitive advantage

we are happy to hear from you. Get in touch!


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