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Meet and Surpass New Energy Code Requirements with Affordable Triple Pane Windows

evolution windows northwest partners llc Aug 23, 2023
European Windows

Did you know that triple pane windows can also reduce project costs?! Triple pane windows' performance potential has been overlooked by architects and engineers for years. Now, with new technology and European standard driven economies of scale, that has changed! Triple pane windows are now a reality for our market and can offer cost effective advantages -such as low U-Values and improved STC- for almost any project in Washington and Oregon.

Stringent code requirements are positioning triple pane windows as a workhorse

Upcoming stringent code requirements are positioning triple pane windows as a workhorse for traditionally costly building envelope improvement credits. Architects and energy consultants wrestling with thicker walls, solar panels, and reduced window sizes, now have a light at the end of the wall assembly! With U-Values down to .15, triple pane windows offer these projects the opportunity to preserve desired design aesthetic while opening smaller living spaces to the outside world with super-sized windows.

Beyond the world of thermal performance, triple pane windows also offer an industry-leading solution for noisy urban areas, the pervasive hum of a nearby busy road, and helps to block the noise of air planes taking off and landing nearby. Even courtyards aren’t immune to sound pollution, with upper floors suddenly privy to the echoing conversation happening 4 floors below.

Triple pane windows go beyond the benefit of meeting credits

After your project is designed and built, triple pane windows go beyond the benefit of meeting credits and project construction requirements. Tenants will be more inclined to live in and stay in buildings that are quieter and better for their health. Common area heating and cooling cost reductions help to improve owner utility costs and can contribute towards improving the resale value of the building.

Launch your project into the future without breaking the bank. Dare to go triple pane today and see what ‘windows’ they can open!

Ultimately it is the residents who will vote on your choice of windows. They may rent a noisy unit initially but after a year of frustration they will most likely move out. Keep your residents happy and reduce turnover costs by providing them with the best in window technology.